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Acrylic, Wool, Polyester, Polyamide, Polypropylene

Our mosque carpets are produced to high quality standards. Its weaving and bases are extra reinforced. It is hygienic, does not hold odor, does not fade colors, does not catch fire, does not hold moths. Our products we use for mosque carpet and Floor Heating Application; It is long-term use with compliance with the conditions of use and is covered by a 5-year warranty.


We use pressed and baked 1st class Uşak felt under our carpets. It prolongs the life of carpets and provides a warm and soft environment. It helps to hide ground bugs, and with the drug in its structure, the moth is pest-free.

Acrylic Carpet

Why Choose Acrylic Carpet?

ACRYLIC rope, which is a type of fiber, can give the appearance and feeling of wool due to its structure. Although acrylic carpets are petroleum products, they can be given the appearance of Wool and Cotton thanks to technological touches.

It has a structure similar to Wool Carpet, which has a wide place in our culture. It is easy to wash and is more durable than Wool Carpet in protecting its shape. It does not eat moths, does not get lubricated over time like wool carpet and is more resistant to chemicals for cleaning purposes.

  • Fades
  • Unbleach
  • Durable
  • Our quality products
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